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Biolane, the hygiene and baby care specialist

Founded in 1972 by the pharmacist Dr Chabrand, Biolane has been developing hygiene and skincare products to meet babies’ needs for almost fifty years.


Every day, a baby's skin has to adapt to a new environment, so it is vital to take good care of it.

Did you know ?

Your baby’s sensitive skin needs extra special care.

1er Your baby’s skin is the first line of defence against environmental aggressors
(e.g. the cold, hard water and pollution). During the first year, it is constantly evolving. It is therefore important to use special personal care products enriched with specific active ingredients.


Formulas that respect

your baby's sensitive skin

All our ingredients have been rigorously selected using strict criteria to ensure they are easily tolerated, natural and effective. Cosmetic ingredients are carefully monitored on a daily basis to identify any troublesome or controversial substances. Because the safety of our formulas is our priority, Biolane products are made with:

• • An average of 95% natural ingredients.

• • Formulas containing no parabens, phenoxyethanol, phthalates, MIT or alcohol.

Products are evaluated and tested

to guarantee their safety and efficacy

Our Biolane R&D teams are at the cutting edge of dermatological research. They achieve this by working with qualified pharmacists and independent toxicology experts to develop formulas using the latest scientific expertise. All our Biolane formulas are subject to skin tolerance testing on sensitive skin in real-life conditions under dermatological control. Once a product has been released on the market, its tolerance continues to be monitored using the cosmetovigilance system set up by Laboratoires Biopha.

Products “Made in France”

Made in Vendée!

The Laboratoires Biopha manufacturing site is based in Vendée and meets the pharmaceutical industry’s highest standards :

• ISO 22716 certification -> Good Cosmetic Manufacturing Practices.

• GMP standard -> Good Manufacturing Practices for Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Products.

Our production processes include quality control from the moment we receive the ingredients to the time the product is released, at every stage of production and throughout the product life cycle.

Almost 50 years of expertise

Our GENTLE range

Our EXPERT range