Physiological Saline Solution in Single-use doses

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Perfect nose and eyelid hygiene


  • Its formula, guaranteed sterile and preservative-free, is perfect for cleaning eyelids and nostrils in infants and young children.

The Biolane benefits

– Ultra-convenient! A travel format in single-use doses, practical to carry everywhere with you.
– Suitable for infants, children and adults.

Instructions for use


– Soak a cotton pad in physiological saline and wipe the eyelid delicately from the base of the nose and moving upwards to the outer edge of the eye.
– Change compress before cleaning the other eye.


– Tilt the head backwards, place the end of the saline distributor at the end of the nostril, without pushing it in, and press lightly on the single-use dose. Repeat the operation for the other nostril. Lift the head to let mucous flow out, the wipe off the excess.
– If the nose is blocked, the nose should be washed out 3 to 4 times a day as needed.
– In infants, apply the product with minimal pressure in order to avoid any risk of middle ear contamination.


18 x 5 ml

   Blocked nose :

The nose is a body barrier which helps fight against the intrusion of bacteria and thus against infection. It is permanently exposed to irritants and infectious agents from the outside environment. Good hygiene is essential to protect it.

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