Dermo-paediatrics Moisturizing Cream

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Daily moisturizing* of dry and sensitive atopy-prone skin.


  • Biolane Dermo-paediatrics Moisturizing Cream has been specially designed for deeply lipid-replenishing and soothing very dry and irritated atopy-prone skin of infants and young children.
  • With its very high tolerance formula this cream provides an innovative complex of nourishing and soothing active ingredients:

– Phospholipids enable to restore and long-lastingly moisturize* the skin by strengthening its hydrolipidic film.
– Renowned for its healing properties, pro-vitamin B5 effectively promotes skin regeneration.
– A combination of amino acids and minerals helps reduce redness and feelings of irritation.
– With hydra-bléïne®, the combination of lipids and wheat proteins limits water loss (dehydration) and oil-replenishes the epidermis.
Results: Biolane Moisturizing Cream Dermo-paediatrics deeply improves the moisturizing* of dry and sensitive skin.


check_03Tested under dermatological control.
check_03Formulated at Physiological pH.
check_03Alcohol-free, soap-free, paraben-free, phenoxyethanol-free and phthalate-free.

The Biolane benefits

– A cream that has been specially designed for very dry atopy-prone skin.
– Fragrance-free.
– Spreads easily.
– Is instantly absorbed.
– Does not leave a greasy film on the skin.

Instructions for use

– Daily: apply once or twice a day to perfectly clean and dry skin to face and body, paying particular attention to dry areas.
– Suitable for babies, children and adults.



*Moisturizes the upper layers of the epidermis.
**Formulated to minimise the risk of allergies.


150 ml

    Baby’s skin a fragile skin to be preserved :

Every day, baby’s skin must adapt to a new environment which requires our greatest attention. An exception organ for communication with the outside world, baby’s skin needs gentle products, specially formulated to protect it and preserve its softness.

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