Dermo-Paediatrics Diaper Rash Cream

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Effectively prevents and repairs diaper rash irritation and redness in infants.


  • Its zinc oxide formula (20%), with soothing, softening properties, calms the feeling of irritation.
  • Its balance of panthenol and vitamin E helps to actively regenerate the weakened epidermis.
  • Rich in Sweet Almond oil, Biolane Dermo-paediatrics Diaper Rash Cream soothes irritations and softens the epidermis.
  • With « hydra-bléïne®« , a natural active ingredient, rich in lipids and wheat protein, to limit water loss (dehydration) and moisturize* the epidermis. It also helps protect baby’s skin against attack from urine, stools and rubbing nappies.
  • NEW format in 50 ml !


check_03Tested under dermatological control.
check_03Formulated at Physiological pH.
check_03Alcohol-free, soap-free, paraben-free, phenoxyethanol-free and phthalate-free.

The Biolane benefits

Super convenient: Dermo-Paediatrics Diaper Rash Cream is available in 2 formats:
– 100 ml with its dome-shaped applicator that makes it easy to use and guarantees optimum hygiene.
– 50 ml which is easy to take in baby’s bag.

– Its high-tolerance formula is also suitable for skin with an atopic tendency.

Instructions for use

– At each nappy change, after carefully cleaning the area and ensuring the skin is dry, apply a thick layer on the buttocks and fold, insisting on irritated and red areas.

*Moisturizes the upper layers of the epidermis.
**Formulated to minimize the risk of allergies.



100 ml

   Daily bumps and bruises :

Once baby starts to move around on all fours, then on two feet, in spite of all your care and safety measures taken both indoors and out, there will still be falls and little bumps and bruises to take care of. So that baby can explore and make progress each day, be careful and learn to have the right reflexes to take care of these minor injuries while keeping your calm.

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