• The course of my pregnancy

    You are awaiting a happy event? Congratulations! Nature knows best and you will see your body gradually transform over the months to enable your baby to develop properly. Pregnancy is a source of many questions and a major stage of your life. Learn about the important stages of your pregnancy with Biolane, as well as baby’s development in your womb and the medical and administrative procedures.

    Baby’s development in the womb

    Medical and administrative procedures

  • Bottle feeding


    Baby’s feeding bottle preparation requires taking some precautions to determine the right amount of milk required for your baby and to ensure proper hygiene. Discover below how to deal with these moments with peace of mind.

  • Breastfeeding


    Breastfeeding can be a source of concern for new mothers. Your body has adapted to provide a complete food for baby from birth. For your well-being and that of your child, adopt the right moves to make this moment of sharing a real moment of pleasure.

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    Childbirth proceedings


    This is a moment that will mark you forever. It consists of different phases: reception, labour, phase during which the cervix dilates, birth and delivery.

  • Going to the hospital or birth centre


    It is time for you to go to the hospital or birth centre. It is important that you know how to detect the warning signs of baby’s impending arrival to avoid arriving either too early (midwives may ask you to go home) or arriving too late (labour in progress). Plan ahead in preparing your suitcase for you and baby to take this moment in your stride.

  • Antenatal classes


    The classic preparation is easily recommended for women expecting their first child. The aim of antenatal classes is to inform you about childbirth proceedings and the methods that can help you get through it in the best possible conditions.

  • Ensure suitable intimate hygiene

    Intimate area flora contains numerous bacteria and has a specific pH. The maintenance of these two components provides a balance of this sensitive area. Any harsh external factors (stress, antibiotic treatment, hormonal changes, unsuitable intimate hygiene, etc.) can alter the flora or natural pH of this area and cause discomfort or vaginal infections. Precautions must therefore be taken during your daily intimate hygiene routine, especially during pregnancy. Discover the advice from our partner gynaecologist, Dr. Nguyen below.

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