• 18 septembre 2014

    Biolane : phenoxyethanol free products formula

    As an integral part of its quality policy, Biolane takes care of  babies’ skin with  high tolerance formulas. To meet this requirement, Biolane’s products’ formulas do not contain phenoxyethanol as this component is currently highly  controversial.


    What is phenoxyethanol ?

    Phenoxyethanol is a  preservative  used in cosmetics and is mentioned in the  annex VI of the  directive 76/768/CEE. As all preservatives,  its main role is to avoid the development of  microorganisms ( ie bacteria…) so as to guarantee the product’s  security.


    A currently controversial  component

    Following a risk evaluation linked to the use of phenoxyethanol in cosmetic products,  the French  National Agency for Medicines  Security and Health Products   (ANSM) published a recommendation on the use of phenoxyethanol in  May 2012. This recommendation « advises a restriction in the use of phenoxyethanol  by which phenoxyethanol is now forbidden in all products for babies’ bottom and its authorized concentration is now reduced  from  1% to 0,4% in all other types of  products destined to children under three1. » However no ban has been decided by the ANSM yet.


    Biolane : Baby care  specialist attentive to babies’ well-being

    Components of  all Biolane products are rigorously selected  to create the right  balance for a product adapted to babies’ skins and to respect their physiological well-being. This is why we guarantee high technicity formulas for high quality phenoxyethanol free products. Before  marketing all Biolane products are subject to tolerance tests to check  product security. These  tests are then validated by an independant toxicologist expert. This information is  made available to the controlling authorities.
    1 www.ansm.santé.fr

    Biolane :  phenoxyethanol free products formula
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