Hygiene, everyday well-being

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Baby’s hygiene involves quite simply taking care of her body while creating physical and emotional contact between you. Hygiene is essential for baby to stay clean throughout the day, with products which are appropriate for her delicate skin.



They are the first items which carry dirt and microbes. Ideally, wash baby’s hands before each meal, and if possible on getting home from the crèche or baby-minder, and before bedtime. Use soft soap or a wipe to clean them.


It merits particular attention because it is very sensitive to impurities. Clean it as often as necessary during the day. Use a wipe or cotton pad impregnated with cleansing milk or cleansing water. Don’t forget to wash behind the ears. If baby has dry skin, don’t hesitate to use a moisturizing cream.



Clean it 3 to 4 times a week with a cotton pad or compress soaked in physiological saline, without pushing it too far in. Change the cotton pad for each nostril. If the nose is blocked, see our special tips.



The eyes should be cleaned daily. Soak a compress or cotton pad in physiological saline, then clean the eyelid, starting at the inner corner of the eye and working outwards. Change compress before cleaning the other eye.


They are cleaned once or twice a week, preferably with a cotton wool pad rolled up dry do not use cotton buds which can cause injury and blockages) . Make sure you don’t push the cotton too far in. After each bath, make sure the outer ear is dried well with a cotton pad, as well as behind the ears.


Some babies develop thick hair from the earliest months. In this case, use a soft brush specially designed for baby hair  and don’t hesitate to use an untangling spray to remove knots and make it easier to style.

Good to know

To complete baby’s care sessions pleasantly, you can apply toilet water, rubbing lightly over the entire body or on baby’s clothes and linen, so that your baby’s fragrance lasts all day.