Daily bumps and bruises

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Once baby starts to move around on all fours, then on two feet, in spite of all your care and safety measures taken both indoors and out, there will still be falls and little bumps and bruises to take care of. So that baby can explore and make progress each day, be careful and learn to have the right reflexes to take care of these minor injuries while keeping your calm.

Falls and bumps

As he takes his first steps, you will certainly see your baby fall or bump into things frequently. Generally, these falls only cause bruises and bumps, with a certain amount of crying.Here are a few tips :

  • Apply ice to the bump as quickly as possible (or something very cold, or a facecloth with ice inside it).
  • Apply only arnica gel to help the swelling to be resorbed. First make sure that the skin is not broken. The faster you apply this gel, the less the swelling will be.
  • Give him a big cuddle to help him forget this little « accident » quickly.
  • Be careful, if your baby loses consciousness, becomes sleepy or vomits after a fall, see the Dr quickly.

Insect bites

If baby is stung by an insect, don’t panic! Stings can be painful but generally don’t cause more than a burning and/or itching sensation, and a small swelling.

Here are a few tips :

  • Remove the stinger with tweezers if it’s still visible.
  • Clean the wound with antiseptic.
  • Apply ice to limit the itching and size of the oedema.
  • Use a soothing treatment to calm the pain and itching.

Warning: if other symptoms occur (difficulty in breathing, swelling, accelerated heart rate, nausea…), see a Dr rapidly because your baby may be allergic to the insect.


Baby is crawling or starting to walk and his curiosity often leads him to be careless. So it may be that baby has some small superficial wounds such as grazes or scratches. In this case, be careful to inspect the wound to make sure that it is not deep. If it is, or if in doubt, don’t hesitate to see a Dr.

If the wound is benign, here are a few tips  :

  • Clean the wound carefully with water or physiological saline to remove any foreign bodies (gravel, soil…).
  • Press the skin with a compress to stop the bleeding.
  • Soak a compress in antiseptic and apply it to the wound to disinfect it.
  • Cover the wound with a plaster that your baby will be proud to show everyone around him.

Don’t forget to change the plaster once or twice a day.

Good to know

In any case, stay calm and reassuring. It is important not to show your anxiety or dismay . After a little fall, stay positive and smile. Your child’s attitude will depend on yours.