Blocked nose

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The nose is a body barrier which helps fight against the intrusion of bacteria and thus against infection. It is permanently exposed to irritants and infectious agents from the outside environment. Good hygiene is essential to protect it

A real microbe nest, a baby’s nose can become blocked and irritate baby. Here are some tips for daily hygiene :

First of all, it is important not to make a big thing of this cleaning, to reassure your baby. You can play with her, tickle her or do anything to try and make this fun for your baby.

To clean your baby’s nose every day, you can choose

  • Wet a cotton pad or compress with physiological saline. Then, after rolling it, insert it into the nostril, not to far, to remove mucous. Do the same with the other nostril, taking care to use a new cotton pad.
  • Or if you want to clean it further, inject a sing-use dose of physiological saline directly into your baby’s nostril. Ensure that baby is on his back, with the head to one side , raising it slightly and supporting the neck so that it doesn’t move too much.The physiological saline must be injected gently and should flow out of the other nostril.


The parents’ apprehension is over! Thanks to the new soft tip of the physiological serum of Biolane, cleaning is done in safety and comfort.

If baby has a badly blocked nose

  • It is advised to use a baby nasal aspirator. Whether manual or electronic, in the form of a bulb or for buccal aspiration, be careful to wash the equipment used before and after each use.Before using a nasal aspirator, position your baby on her back, with the head to one side. Inject the physiological serum into one of the nostrils. It is advised to wait for 5 minutes before aspirating. Then place the end of the aspirator into the same nostril. Release the bulb which you have previously emptied of air, or aspirate through the tube, depending on the equipment. Repeat the operation for the other nostril, after cleaning the end-piece of your aspirator.
  • To finish, give her a cuddle and she won’t be so afraid the next time !

Good to know

Sneezing helps baby clear his nose and get rid of any remaining mucosities.

In winter, germs are more active and more numerous, and cause the first colds. If baby’s nose is badly blocked, and to prevent the mucosa from drying, use physiological saline solution several times a day.