Biolane Expert

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Biolane Expert: the best of nature for baby’s skin, available at your pharmacy

With over 45 years’ expertise in infant skincare, Biolane is back in your pharmacy with an expert range of products for baby’s sensitive skin.


With the benefit of 10 years’ research into the skin microbiota, Biolane Expert has formulated its range around a key active ingredient: Inubiom®.

Respecting and rebalancing the skin microbiota

A baby’s skin has its own microbiota (or flora), which forms part of the protective barrier against external aggressors. The skin microbiota evolves over time to achieve the diversity of an adult’s skin and act as a real shield against disease-causing bacteria.


Our formulas are based on a unique active ingredient of plant origin

Our products are guaranteed to be 95 to 100% natural, based on sulphate-free surfactants, hydrating emulsifiers and rich emollients like shea butter and vegetable oils.


Our latest-generation formulas are minimalist and contain no controversial ingredients like PEG, phthalates, parabens or phenoxyethanol.


All our formulas contain Inubiom®, the exclusive active ingredient that helps to balance the skin microbiota by creating a protective biofilm to prevent disease-causing flora from adhering to the skin, keeping it healthy.

Safe, clinically tested formulas

A true ally when it comes to baby’s sensitive skin, Inubiom® – a specific sugar (inulin) with a prebiotic action – has been chosen by Laboratoires Biopha for its effects on the microbiota and the skin’s natural immunity.


Inubiom® helps to preserve the existing skin microbiota
and encourages it to evolve in an optimally diversified way.


This exclusive active ingredient teamed with a variety of moisturising ingredients helps baby’s skin to better defend itself, so it glows with health.