Gentle Shampoo

A gentle formula for baby's hair, that also suitable for the whole family!

  • Wash your child's hair each day as it gets dirty quickly.
  • Pour a small amount of Biolane Shampoo onto wet hair and massage carefully. Rinse, starting on the forehead and moving to the top of the skull.
  • If your baby has cradle cap, apply Biolane Sweet Almond Oil to his/her scalp to help clear the scabs. Leave on the scalp for a few minutes, then wash the hair with Biolane Gentle Shampoo.
    Ensure you do not rub the cradle cap as it could become infected.
  • At bath time, in addition to the Biolane Gentle Shampoo, use the Biolane Lipid-enriched Cleaning Gel or the Biolane 2 in 1 Body and Hair Gel, to clean your baby's face and body. If he/she has dry skin, use the Hair and Body Gel Dermo-Paediatrics
  • To finish bath time on a gentle note, use Biolane Detangling Spray on baby's dry or wet hair. Made with natural products the Detangling Spray leaves your baby's hair soft, shiny and easy to style.

300 ml bottle
300 ml bottle

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